There are many different brands and types of title insurance rate calculators out there that you can choose from depending on what’s best for your market.

For instance, you can purchase an off-the-shelf branded title rate app like Net Sheet Calc for your real estate agents and marketing representatives to use, or if you are just using the calculator internally among your staff your underwriter may provide a calculator as well. Be careful on which title rate calculator you choose as these title insurance calculators even differ between states.

Here are some details behind one of the newer title quote apps available in the market today.

UseElko Features and Pricing

UseElko is relatively new to the market. In fact, 2021 is the first time we heard of the solution. We don’t know of many agents using the solution. There is, however, some information available on their website.

Like other title calculators according to their website, they offer a similar branded portal for running title insurance calculations, it says it works with major underwriters, and that it can capture orders into the “settlement software of your choice.”

Also, like other solutions such as Net Sheet Calculator and TitleCapture, rates can be customized for your title company, it is mobile and desktop friendly, and it offers multi-office support.

Their pricing is $249 and $499 with a custom “Enterprise” plan, assumable for larger title agents.

If you are considering UseElko, you should watch a quick demo of Net Sheet Calc by TitleTap. It offers a few unique features to differentiate your title company or real estate law firm from other title agents in your market.

These unique features include the ability to do side-by-side comparisons on multi-offer scenarios and the ability to customize the buttons in your calculator to accept orders to earnest money, for example.

Learn more by watching a quick demo here.