One great thing about Net Sheet Calc is that it allows you a lot more flexibility and customization than off the shelf solutions or ones often provided by your underwriter.

For example, last year we introduced a popular customization: a feature to allow your agents to co-brand the calculator with their contact information, headshot, and brokerage.

After all, when they share a net sheet with their client, they want it to have their information (as well as yours).

This year, we released a couple more features that give you more flexibility with your net sheet. In particular, the ability to customize the two call-to-action buttons or links on your net sheet.

By default, these are an Order Title button and your company’s phone number (which is clickable on the mobile version).

However, with COVID causing more people to handle real estate transactions remotely, we saw a larger need to customize these actions altogether such as “Request Wire Information” or “Deposit Earnest Money” – both of which can link to a third party to initiate a deal.

Here is a quick support article on customizing the buttons in your net sheet.

If you are looking for an affordable and customizable title quote calculator, look no further. Watch a quick demo and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!