Traditionally title agents have had to provide title quotes and estimated closing cost statements manually.

When someone calls or emails, someone on your team has to stop what they are doing, answer the phone or email, run a quote, and then get it back to the person who requested it – all in a timely manner.

If they don’t, you risk losing the deal.

Thankfully, there is an easier way that can improve your employees’ productivity by up to 40%, and is better for your clients – especially since we live in a world where people love instant gratification.

The answer is a net sheet calculator for your title company.

With a net sheet, you empower your employees and your customers to run their own quotes.

They can even share them a few different ways such as:

  • Emailing directly in the app
  • Printing an estimate
  • Or most recently, downloading a PDF and then sharing it some other way

Ready to start sharing closing costs the easy way? Watch a quick demo to learn more!