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Buyer & Seller Net Sheet

Easily give your clients access to your fees and rates.

Side-By-Side Scenario

See up to 3 different net sheet scenarios side-by-side.

Co-Brand with Customers

Allow Realtors, Lenders or Staff to co-brand with their headshot & info.

Refinance Calculator

With refinances on the rise, this is available in most markets.

Title Premium Calculator

Non-login Title Premium calculator for quick access to rates.

Save, Edit, Share & Order

Save or edit, share with clients and place a title order with a click.

Common Georgia Closing Cost Customizations


Filed Rate State

Georgia’s title insurance rates are filed which simply means that the rates are submitted to a governing body for review.

Deed Transfer Tax

In Georgia, there is a deed transfer tax. It is known as Real Estate Transfer Tax.

Mortgage Transfer Tax

Yes, it is known as Intangible Recording Tax.

Owner’s Title Insurance

For instance, in Georgia the buyer typically pays for the Owner’s Title Insurance Policy. However, in some instances it is negotiable between the buyer and seller of the property.

Closing Attorney State

Recording fees in Georgia are paid by the buyer.

Lender’s Title Insurance

In Georgia, the Lender’s Title Insurance Policy is typically paid for by the Buyer.

Title Search & Exam Fees

The Title Search & Exam Fee is typically negotiable in Georgia

Survey Fee

When closing on a piece of real estate in Georgia the Survey Fee is negotiable between the buyer and the seller.

Closing Fees

In Georgia, closing fees can be paid by either the buyer or the seller and thus are negotiable.

Closing Attorney State

Recording fees in Georgia are paid by the buyer.

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